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Digital PR

PressMediaLAB offers serious, credible and up-to-date social and digital communication based on authority, experience and expertise.

PressMediaLAB supports you in increasing your online presence and reputation.

Our team is highly qualified and experienced in Digital PR: the set of online communication activities related to corporate needs, product, services, events. Digital PR service is closely related to digital marketing and is an essential element for Brand Awareness and Brand Reputation.

Digital PR services

Adopting Digital PR strategies operated by professionals brings concrete benefits to the Brand. PressMediaLAB has a deep understanding of the whole world related to online communication activities, with its facets:

  • Authoritative references in the business press, with whom we cultivate an ongoing relationship
  • Management of the client’s social profiles: corporate or personal, of exponents of the company itself
  • SEO optimization of websites, so that they are rewarded by search engines


The purposes of these activities can be different in nature: pure brand awareness and consolidation of the corporate image, but also the development of relationships with the territory.

A well-structured Digital PR campaign results in a long list of benefits for the client: building a serious corporate image that conveys trust; improving the site on the SEO side; increasing website traffic; generating more leads; and achieving benchmark KPIs.

PressMediaLAB’s Digital PR.

PressMediaLAB’s team has particular expertise in areas related to image, sustainability, technology and mobility. Our professionals exhibit excellent organizational and time management skills, a high attention span and constant updating with respect to industry news. The Brand’s online image is taken care of in detail, through a series of defined strategies, including: monitoring Brand-related conversations on the web, contacting influencers or testimonials, moderating comments on the client’s social profiles, and crisis management services.

Are you interested in this service?

Reliability and quality are the basis of our work. A team of experts will deal with your request and is ready to support you with your communication needs. Tell us about your project and we will make it a reality together. Contact us!

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