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PressMediaLAB is able to offer each client an integrated service platform that provides essential support to improve their overall communications strategy. We provide consulting services to numerous groups, for whom the performance and quality of PR services are of primary importance, and for whom approaching the media world can be a strategy to create or increase their brand awareness.

360° Press Office

A complete press office service: we take care of press release and press kit writing, translations, distribution, media recall, press and social review, press and social review analysis, KPI definition and evaluation.


Our team consists of specialized PRs and has a rich and structured database of contacts in all commodity sectors.


The Press Release Process

PressMediaLAB handles the entire process of producing and distributing a press release internally. The team boasts registered journalists with cross-functional skills in a variety of fields. Below are all the steps through which we give voice to your communication:

  • Brief reception and development
    PressMediaLAB processes the brief received and develops it taking into account the specific needs of the press and the client. Contextually, it agrees and defines the benchmark KPIs.
  • Press release drafting
    During the drafting of the press release, grammar and the presence of vertical keywords on the topic are taken care of. The document is then sent to the client to receive approval.
  • Press release drafting
    Then, where necessary, the press release is translated by the qualified in-house translation team into all necessary languages.
  • Press release distribution
    It is essential for a press office to have a large internal database of contacts on the ground: the release will then be diffused to all newspapers and editorial offices.
  • Journalist Recall
    The human relationship established between the press office team and journalists is essential: carrying out a recall activity that is not massive, but on targeted and selected newspapers, guarantees an effective and quality publication.


The press office team then takes care of monitoring the media outlets of interest until the actual publication of the press release, also being concerned with reporting releases to the client

The entire service is structured with the specific requirements related to the need for PR development and improvement and the achievement of KPIs in mind.

In addition, the activity can be complemented by a follow-up monitoring phase: PressMediaLAB can provide its working tools in this regard, including press and social review and coverage analysis. Indeed, the press and social review service allows monitoring of releases and is managed by dedicated human operators who are always available to provide assistance.

Our consultative approach distinguishes us in the market: a dedicated staff is available to provide ad hoc assistance and reporting, prevent or handle crisis management, and support the client in using our review tool.


The process listed above is completed on a daily basis, with maximum attention to all the realities followed.

Are you interested in this service?

Reliability and quality are the basis of our work. A team of experts will deal with your request and is ready to support you with your communication needs. Tell us about your project and we will make it a reality together. Contact us!

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